Overhead power lines cause 40% of all electrically related fatalities, in the workplace.

A majority of these accidents occur with workers that have little to no electrical safety training. That’s why it’s important to always look up before doing any kind of work on a construction site. It could save your life. 

If the equipment operator had raised the bed into the power line, both the line and the truck would be considered live and dangerous. If you see equipment in contact with a power line, it’s not time to be a hero, you need to stay away and warn others to do the same.

You should stay at least 35 feet back. That’s about two dump truck lengths. If conditions are wet, you may need to move away even further.

If you’re in the vehicle, stay inside, warn others to stay away, and call 911. 

Do not exit unless you see smoke or fire. If you must exit the vehicle, do not touch the ground and the vehicle at the same time. 

You must jump from the vehicle and land with your feet together.

Then avoid lifting your feet as you slowly shuffle away from the vehicle and downed power line. 

Remember, if you see a downed power line, stay away and call 911. 

But to avoid major accidents in the first place, be sure to always look up in all ways.