Surge Protection Highlights – Video Short

From 2017 to 2023, surge protective devices have undergone major changes in the requirements set by the National Electrical Code. These changes are designed to better protect people and equipment from power surges. In 2017, surge protection was required for emergency elevators, dumb waiters, escalators, moving walks, platform lifts, stairway chairlifts, and fire pump controllers. […]

Prevent Facility Downtime with Surge Protective Devices – Video Short

A recent survey by ESFI and NEMA found that power surges are responsible for over 1/3 of unplanned outages and downtime in facilities across the country. Nearly ¾ of facilities experiences unexpected downtime multiple times a year because of power surges. And we all know that downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom […]

Magnetic and Inductive Coupling Surges – Video Short

Power surges can happen anywhere. But 60 to 80% of them originate from equipment inside our buildings and facilities. Power surges can be caused by magnetic and inductive coupling from elevators, HVAC systems, variable frequency drives, computers, and more. Be aware that magnetic and inductive coupling can cause power surges and take steps to protect […]

Healthcare Surge Protection – Video Short

Surge protective devices are required for emergency systems and for areas of nursing homes and limited care facilities used exclusively as patients’ sleeping rooms. SPDs protect critical infrastructure that help patients and also prevent the 3 D’s of power surges: destruction, disruption, and degradation.   Its important to be aware of the causes of power […]

Common Surge Internal Causes – Video Short

Power surges can happen anywhere. But 60 to 80% of them originate from equipment inside our buildings and facilities. These damaging surges are typically caused by large electrical loads switching off and on like HVAC systems and elevators. Power surges can be caused by switching electrical loads from contactors, relays, breakers, as well as the […]

Common Surge External Causes – Video Short

Power surges can happen anywhere. But 60 to 80% of them originate from equipment inside our buildings and facilities. However, external sources are also known to cause havoc. Indirect lightning events, power grid switching, and damage to power lines or transformers are all capable of causing power surges in your facility. It’s important to be […]

Benefits of Surge Protective Devices – Video Short

Voltage surges can damage equipment and lead to unexpected downtime. While GFCIs, fuses and breakers, and consumer UPSs help meet your facility’s safety requirements, only surge protective devices can prevent the three D’s of power surges: destruction, disruptions, and degradation. A power surge can happen so fast that a typical circuit breaker cannot detect one […]

Importance of Qualified Workers – Video Short

Working with electricity is extremely dangerous, so it’s important to always hire qualified electrical workers for those jobs. At the workplace or job site, 69% of all electrical fatalities involved non-electrical workers. Overhead power lines, unexpected contact with electricity, working on energized parts, ground faults, and damaged wiring accounted for 92% of electrical fatalities. Avoid […]

Lockout / Tagout – Video Short

According to OSHA following proper lockout / tagout procedures can prevent an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to properly lockout / tagout and avoid unnecessary risk. Start by notifying all employees about the required lockout. Shut down equipment using the normal stopping procedure. Locate […]

Overhead Power Line Safety – Video Short

Overhead power lines cause 46% of electrically related deaths in the workplace. To avoid danger, always look up and be aware of overhead power lines. Always assume that lines are live and dangerous. Keep yourself and your equipment at least 10 feet away from any lines. Never touch anything that is in contact with power […]

Test Before You Touch – Video Short

Accidental contact with energized equipment causes 45% of all electrically related deaths in the workplace. Make sure you always test for voltage before you perform any work. Test the area around the equipment you’re working on. Be sure to perform a site and risk assessment before doing any work, and when it’s possible, turn off […]

Workplace Safety: Avoid Common Electrical Hazards

Contact with or exposure to electricity is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. Follow these tips to avoid electrical injury: Overhead Power Line Contact 46% of all electrical fatalities are caused by contact with overhead power lines 57% of overhead power line fatalities were in non-electrical occupations Always assume all lines are live […]