Between 2011 and 2018, 38% of all electrically related workplace fatalities were caused by overhead power lines. In the majority of these cases, fatalities occurred in occupations with little to no electrical safety training. So when you’re on a job site, remember to always look up, always – it can save your life.

If a vehicle or object contacts a power line or utility pole:

  • Consider all lines to be live and dangerous 
  • Tell others not to approach the vehicle, downed lines, or anything that may be in contact with downed lines
  • Warn others to stay at least 35 feet away 
  • Stay in place or inside your vehicle unless you see fire or smoke
  • Call 911

In the event of fire or smoke:

  • Do not touch the ground and vehicle at the same time
  • Jump from the vehicle with your feet together
  • Shuffle away and avoid lifting your feet

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