Avoid Utility Scams

Learn How to Avoid Common Phone Utility Scams According to the FTC, fraud complaints were received from more than 2.4 million people in 2022, showing a total loss of $8.8 billion, $2.6 billion of which were from impostor scams. Many of these scams are utility scams where scammers pretend to be representatives of utility companies […]

Evite Estafas de Servicios Públicos

Aprenda Como Evitar Estafas de Servicios Públicos Internet Crimes Complaint Center estima que Americanos son estafadas por $239 millón cada año. Muchas de estas estafas, son estafas de servicios públicos donde los estafadores pretenden ser representativas de una companía de servicios públicos y demandan pago inmediata para evitar desconexión de servicio. Aprenda Como Identificar Estafas […]

Winter Downed Power Lines

As temperatures drop and winter storms blow through, make sure you are aware of your surroundings whenever venturing outside. Heavy winds, snowfall, and ice are more than capable of bringing down utility poles and power lines. If you encounter a downed line, be sure to stay at least 35 feet back, which is about 3 […]

Consumer Electrical Safety During Disasters

Spanish video Electricity drives the modern world and we often take it for granted. And if a natural disaster occurs, there are a few things to remember to stay electrically safe during the storm. Before the storm hits, make sure to charge all phones and other communication devices.  Then, unplug all electronics, and move them […]

Commercial Electrical Safety During Disasters

Spanish video While we can’t prevent natural disasters from impacting our communities, we can ensure our businesses are electrically safe before and after a storm. In the event of a natural disaster, it’s important for businesses to create emergency shutdown and start-up procedures for the electrical systems, equipment, and HVAC. Before the storm arrives, be […]

Prepare Your Business and Recover From a Natural Disaster

While we can’t prevent natural disasters, we can ensure our businesses are electrically safe before and after the storm. Practicing electrical safety and being prepared can lead to a smooth recovery and an opportunity to renovate the electrical efficiency of your business.  In the Event of a Natural Disaster Create emergency shutdown and start-up procedures […]

Seguridad Eléctrica Durante los Desastres Naturales

English video La electricidad es lo que mueve el mundo moderno, y a menudo la damos por hecho. Si ocurriera una catástrofe natural, hay algunas cosas que hay que recordar para mantenernos seguros con respecto a la electricidad durante la tormenta. Antes de que se desate la tormenta, asegúrese de cargar todos los teléfonos y […]

Seguridad Eléctrica Durante los Desastres Naturales – Empresas

English video Aunque no podemos evitar que los desastres naturales afecten a nuestras comunidades, podemos asegurarnos de que nuestras empresas sean eléctricamente seguras antes y después de una tormenta. En caso de un desastre natural, es importante que las empresas establezcan procedimientos de apagado de emergencia y de puesta en marcha de los sistemas eléctricos, […]

Disaster Safety Pre-Storm Safety and Post-Storm Recovery

Natural disasters leave thousands of consumers without power, and flooding associated with tropical storms and hurricanes often causes severe or permanent damage to electrical equipment. The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of rebuilding and renovating safely after a storm to prevent injuries, deaths, and electrical fires.  Download […]