Critical Infrastructure depends on the reliability of electrical and electronic equipment. Ranging from medical services to IT and our nation’s transportation system, it is imperative these systems remain operational.

On average, a typical building experiences over 150 power surges a month.

While lightning and other external systems result in a significant number of surging events, 60 – 80% of power surges are created within a facility.

These surges are often the cause of cumulative damage to electronics. Surges can damage or shorten the life of expensive electronic equipment causing it to malfunction.

The average cost of downtime due to a surge is $130,000 per event.

Power surges can happen in facilities without you knowing. Surges can manifest themselves as:

  • Circuit board failure
  • Lighting failure
  • Drive or motor tripping
  • Phantom equipment restart

Surge protective devices protect against damage, downtime, and lost revenue to keep our society and economy running smoothly.