Surge Protective Devices Misconceptions

A recent survey of facility professionals revealed mixed results on the knowledge of surge protection. Only surge protective devices, also known as transient voltage surge suppressors, protect against power surges. Fuses and breakers, GFCIs, wiring, low-cost uninterruptable power supplies, and typical power strips do not. A recent survey found that 79% of facility owners estimated […]

Understanding Surge Protective Devices Survey

In 2021, the Electrical Safety Foundation International surveyed industrial and commercial facility professionals, including managers, owners, building engineers, heads of maintenance, and related occupations. These professionals provided insights regarding power surge incidents and effects, as well as usage of Surge Protective Devices in the facilities they manage.  SEE FULL SURVEY RESULTS Common Voltage Surge Causes: […]

What are Surge Protective Devices

Surge protective devices protect against downtime, improve system and data reliability, and reduce electrical failures. Electrical surge damage can be experienced in a single event or as the result of an accumulation of power surges. Lightning and external sources cost the U.S. economy an estimated $5-6 billion per year. A common source of power surges inside […]

What are Power Surges

Surges, or transients, are brief overvoltage spikes or disturbances of a power waveform that can damage, degrade, or destroy electronic equipment within any home, commercial building, or industrial and manufacturing facilities. Transients can reach amplitudes of tens of thousands of volts. Most equipment is designed to handle minor variations in their standard operating voltage. However, surges can […]

Surge Protective Devices: Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure depends on the reliability of electrical and electronic equipment. Ranging from medical services to IT and our nation’s transportation system, it is imperative these systems remain operational. On average, a typical building experiences over 150 power surges a month. While lightning and other external systems result in a significant number of surging events, […]

Home Surge Protective Devices

Surge protection is required by the 2020 National Electrical Code. Whole home Surge Protective Devices protect your electronics from power surges, ensure power quality and keep your home safe. Learn more about Surge Protective Devices:

Home Safety Devices – Renovate Your Home to Code

The National Electrical Code is revised every three years and outlines the minimum requirements for safe electrical installation. Many older homes may not have an adequate electrical system to meet the electrical demands of today. If you’re renovating your home, make sure to have the following electrical safety devices installed to maintain an electrically safe […]

Commercial and Industrial Surge Protective Devices

Protecting your Business from Downtime and Data Loss Surges can occur in any facility and according to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 80% of all surges originate inside facilities. The National Electrical Code Requires Surge Protection In: Emergency systems Elevators & Escalators Wind Electric Systems Industrial Machinery Fire Pump Controllers   Type of Surge Protection […]

Surge Protective Devices

Protecting Your Electronics Protecting Your Home The 2020 National Electrical Code now requires Surge Protective Devices in new or renovated homes. Learn how these devices protect your home and your electronics. What is a Surge? A power surge is a brief overvoltage event that can damage electrical devices and is a common cause for the […]

Lightning Protection: Preventing a Direct Strike

In the first quarter of 2017 alone, thunderstorms caused a record $5.7 billion in losses, and lightning kills and average of 30 people a year. Learn how to keep you, your family, and property safe from lightning. Lightning is Deadly An average of 22,600 fires were caused by lightning between 2007 and 2011 According to Aon Benfield’s […]

Surge Protection – More than an Accessory

Summary In 2017, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) conducted a survey of electrical designers, planners, and engineers and found that there was a limited understanding of the purpose and effectiveness of surge protection devices. In response to the survey results, ESFI created educational materials to spread awareness of surge protection. An important factor revealed […]