What to do if You Crash Into a Utility Pole

If you’re ever in an accident that involves a utility pole and a downed power line, always consider the line and vehicle to be live and dangerous.

Onlookers should never attempt to get close to the downed power line or attempt to drive over one. 

If you’re in the vehicle, stay put, and warn others to stay at least 35-feet, or about three car lengths, from the power line. Then call 911.

If you see fire or smoke, you’ll need to exit the vehicle immediately.

As you begin to exit the vehicle, make sure you do not touch the ground and the vehicle at the same time. 

Jump from your vehicle, and land with both feet together. Then avoid lifting your feet as you slowly shuffle away from the vehicle and power line. If you separate your feet too far, you’ll become an open circuit and you could be electrocuted.

Make sure you shuffle at least 35-feet away from the vehicle and power line. If the conditions are wet, you may need to move away even further.

If you ever come across a downed power line, stay away, and call 911. Remember, to avoid accidents, be sure to always look up in all ways