Lithium-ion batteries are in all types of devices we use every day. These batteries can be found in cell phones, tablets, electric bikes and scooters, toothbrushes, and backup batteries. When purchased and used correctly, lithium-ion batteries can provide a valuable service, but there is a risk of fire and injury if uncertified batteries or chargers are used. 

  • Purchase batteries and chargers that are listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. These marks are found on batteries and chargers and show that they have been tested and are safe. 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, including instructions on how to charge. 
  • Only use manufacturer-approved batteries and chargers.
  • Stop charging once the device is fully charged.
  • Keep devices away from items that can catch fire, including bedding and couches. Never charge on surfaces that can catch fire. 
  • Never charge devices near doors or hallways that may block exits.