Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, is October 4-10, 2015 with the theme “Hear the Beep Where you Sleep” to remind you that every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm. In addition to functioning smoke alarms, there are many safe practices that can help prevent fires and promote electrical safety through your home.

Keep your garage / utility room safe with these tips:

  • GFCI protection should be used in areas where electricity could come in contact with water, including bathrooms. GFCI receptacles, breakers and portable options are available.
  • Store electrical equipment in dry areas that are inaccessible to children and animals.
  • NEVER use a generator inside a garage or any other enclosed space, even with the door open. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide could accumulate. 
  • Store all flammable materials in approved containers and away from any potential heat sources, including direct sunlight.
  • Use only extension cords marked “for outdoor use” when needed for work outside