Smoke Alarm Safety Tips

Do: Test monthly, replace batteries yearly, and buy a new device every 10 years Do: Install on every level, outside every sleeping area, and 10 feet away from cooking areas When a smoke alarm sounds, go outside and stay outside Never turn off or disable smoke alarms  

Fire Safety in the Kitchen

Do: Stay in the kitchen when cooking Do: Unplug appliances when not in use Do: Double-check and make sure all appliances are turned off Do: Keep things away from cooktop Do: Plug appliances directly into the wall Never disable smoke alarms Avoid cooking when drinking, sleepy, or taking meds Don’t use extension cords for appliances […]

Electrical Safety Dos

Do: Ensure AFCIs are installed where needed Do: Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms Do: Plug appliances directly into the wall Never use damaged cords Extension cords are temporary solutions and shouldn’t be used on large appliances Be Aware of Warning Signs of An Overload or Wiring Problem If you see lights that flicker or […]

Generadores de Emergencia – Video Short

Los generadores de emergencia son un gran opcion para suministrar energia de respaldo durante los bajones de tension o los apagones. No obstante el uso y la instalacion inadecuados de los generadores. Pueden provocar una intoxicacion for monoxido de carbon. Por lo tando, debes mantener los generadores a una distancia minima de 20 pies de […]

Fallas Electricas y Los Accidentes en la Concia – Video Short

Las fallas electricas y los accidentes en la cocina son las principales causas de los incendios domesticos. Durante el invierno, los incendios domesticos causados por accidentes cin la calefaccion tambien aumentan. Para evitar un incendio, rercuerda onservar, escuchar, y mantenerse alerta. Nunca dejes desatendida una estufa o un aparato de cocina encendido. Nunca utilices la […]

Candle Safety – Video Short

Candles can cause home fires. Keep candles away from anything that can catch fire, blow them out when you leave the room and keep them away from pets. 

Christmas Tree Safety – Video Short

Dried out Christmas trees can cause fires, remember to always water your tree, keep them away from open flames, turn off Christmas tree lights before going to bed or leaving your home and always throw them away when dry. 

Evitar Incendio en la Cocina

Las cocinas o estufas causan 62% de los incendios domésticos. Para evitar un incendio, asegúrate de mantener todo lo que pueda prender fuego lejos de la estufa. No salgas nunca de la cocina mientras estes cocinando y verifica siempre que todo esta apagado cuando termines de cocinar. 

Outdoor Decoration Safety – Video Short

An estimated 860 home fires are caused by holiday decorations and another 210 home fires are caused by Christmas trees. Make sure all extension cords and decorations are rated for proper use. Outdoor lights should be plugged into GFCI protected outlets. Always inspect your lights and other decorations before use. Always turn off indoor and […]

Space Heater Safety – Video Short

Space heaters can cause fires, be sure to turn them off when leaving the room and never use them with an extension cord. Always keep them at least 3 feet away from anything that can cause fires. 

Extension Cord Safety Tips

Not enough cord for your lamp or radio to reach the nearest outlet? Just plowing through the junk drawer for an extension cord? This may not be a good idea. Extension cords can be very helpful in delivering power right where we need it. However, regardless of the gauge or rating of the cord, an […]