We know you have a lot to think about.  With hundreds or even thousands of employees in the United States and around the world, we know you often ask yourself, how do we keep our employees and our customers safe? What can we do to prevent electrically-related deaths that occur each day? At the Electrical Safety Foundation International, we think about these things too – and ways to help you solve them.

For 25 years, ESFI has been the premier non-profit dedicated to electrical safety and is highly regarded by industry, media, and consumer safety partners for its commitment to reducing electrically related deaths, injuries, and property losses – one workplace and one home at a time.

ESFI supports safety codes and standards, including the National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E. We provide a vast library of electrical safety materials to support our industry for the workplace and for everyday life. We partner with electric utilities, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and contractors throughout North America.

Our state-of-the-art programs address current safety trends and provide innovative training solutions for the electrical industry.

Your support enables us to reach millions of employees and customers through the information channels they use, including news outlets, social media, and more to keep our industry and families safe.

And ESFI provides its contributors with access to the Foundation’s extensive library of year-round programs, research, data and statistics, and outreach materials.

Electrical safety is our industry’s corporate and social responsibility. Together, we can reduce risk, create opportunities, and educate the next generation of electrical workers and our communities to keep them safe.

Partner with ESFI. Because safety is smart and prevention is power.