Learn how ESFI can make a positive impact on your organization

ESFI is dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace. We offer unique co-branding opportunities and provide access to our extensive library of year-round electrical safety programs, research, data & statistics, and outreaching social media materials.

ESFI is:

  • Independent non-profit
  • Non-biased
  • Provides 3rd party validation

Why Partner with ESFI

  1. Reach New Audiences
    With over 90,000 social media followers and over 121,000 monthly active users, your organization can reach a new audience of proactive electrical consumers who already trust the ESFI name with their homes, communities, and businesses.
  2. Share ESFI’s Free Resources
    Our electrical safety social media posts can be re-shared across platforms with your audience, providing access to resources and demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility  
  3. Co-Branding
    1. All contributors are displayed on ESFI’s supporter’s page
    2. Principal contributors are displayed prominently on the footer of every ESFI.org page
    3. Co-branded pages highlight how we work together and feature relevant resources
    4. Coordinated social media posts enhance your product or press releases
    5. Co-brand any of our electrical safety infographics
    6. Join ESFI’s working committees or Board of Directors and work directly with electrical supply channel leaders

For more information on supporting ESFI, contact us.