Do you have solar panels or photovoltaic modules installed on your home or business? Having energy storage systems helps increase your energy efficiency by storing energy for use during peak hours or during a power outage.

Reduce Power Grid Dependency

  • Solar panels generate energy, charge batteries, and sell extra power back to the grid
  • Energy storage systems allow you to run on battery power. Use off-peak energy from the grid to recharge
  • Energy storage systems combined with specific types of power inverters can help keep essential devices powered during natural disasters and power outages

Consider standby generators for additional independence and protection against power outages

Energy Storage System Safety

  • Energy storage systems should be installed by a qualified electrician
  • Do not tamper with energy storage systems and stay away from energy storage system installations

In Case of a Fire Around Energy Storage Systems

  • Qualified personnel should be contacted to find system status and response
  • Notify first responders that energy storage systems are onsite
  • Never attempt to make connections or service any ESS. Only qualified personnel should install and service any ESS

ESS may only power a certain number of home appliances for a finite amount of time. Essential devices should have a priority for ESS power