Net zero buildings produce the same amount of energy as they use. Learn how to make your home or business energy efficient while focusing on energy resiliency.

Energy Independence

  • Solar panels can create energy and store them in energy storage systems for later use
  • When solar panels are paired with energy storage systems, you can become independent of the energy grid
  • Energy storage systems provide power during power outages

Become Energy Efficient

  • Install solar panels for renewable energy sources
  • Solar water heaters and efficient water management systems can help reduce energy cost
  • Smart devices monitor energy use and reduce energy waste
  • High-performance windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing provide better weatherization, ventilation, comfort, and energy efficiency
  • Cut energy use with energy-efficient LED lighting and energy star appliances

Energy Resilience  

  • Proper yearly maintenance ensures HVAC systems operate safely and efficiently
  • Surge protective devices help protect large appliances and systems against voltage surges that may occur during power shut-offs and restarts
  • Solar panels paired with energy storage systems will automatically provide power to essential devices in your home or business during power outages

Net zero energy use, energy efficiency, and energy resiliency help reduce your environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions, and provide domestically produced energy.