A dump truck driver was transporting dirt. The driver raised the bed less than half a foot away from a 12,500-volt overhead power line causing electricity to jump to the truck bed. When the driver stepped out of the cab and touched the ground, the dump truck had become energized and part of the electrical circuit. The driver was electrocuted. 

Three roofers lost balance of the ladder as they were trying to lean it against a building. It fell backward into a 7,200-volt power line allowing electric current to flow through their bodies. Two of the roofers were seriously injured while the other died from electrocution.

A construction worker was performing cement finishing on a parking garage.  While positioning the aerial lift he was working from, he contacted an energized power line.  He was transported to the hospital where he later died from his severe electrical shock injuries.

It’s no surprise that a construction job site can be an incredibly dangerous workplace. With so many safety protocols and procedures to follow, it can seem overwhelming. But the truth is, most accidents involving electricity, are caused by non-electrical workers inadvertently contacting power lines.    

So when you are on the job site remember to ALWAYS look up. ALWAYS.   

It could save your life and the lives of those around you.