The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) recently surveyed electric vehicle (EV) installers to gauge their understanding of the safe installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), or EV charging stations and chargers. The goal of the survey was to identify safety gaps related to emerging technology to keep installers safe. When asked about EVSE training, 76% of installers said they had specific training, while 82% believed EVSE should have a specific certification.

Survey respondents shared concerns about the high voltage involved in EVSE systems. If the high voltage is not handled properly, it can lead to various safety issues, including electrocution, electrical shock, and fires. “EV installers must be trained to work with EVSE systems properly and take necessary safety precautions,” said ESFI President Brett Brenner. “Contact with or exposure to electricity is one of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. Always follow safety procedures on every job to keep yourself safe from injury.”

When respondents were asked how often they encounter safety concerns when installing EVSE, 39% of installers said occasionally, while 23% said often or always. The most frequently mentioned safety concern was the risk of electrocution or electrical shock, either due to installation errors, wiring mistakes, or working with live wires. Many respondents mentioned worries about incorrect or faulty wiring, improper connections, and incorrect wire gauges. Another common concern was the risk of fire, often resulting from overcharging, overheating, poor installation, or incorrect wiring. Concerns related to the installation site and environmental issues were also mentioned frequently.

Several respondents also expressed concerns about a lack of professional training or expertise, whether in themselves or others, and the potential safety hazards this could lead to. This includes installers who are not properly trained to work with EVSE systems