The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s guidance document NEMA GD 4-2020: COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance for Electrical Equipment establishes the responses of electrical manufacturers to common questions related to cleaning and disinfecting of electrical equipment.


  1. Ensure all required electrical safe work practices are followed before accessing any electrical component for any reason, including cleaning

  2. If possible, de-energize electrical equipment before cleaning

  3. Allow hot surfaces to cool before cleaning

  4. Let cleaning solutions dry before re-energizing

  5. Have equipment users and maintenance personnel follow all CDC recommendations to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, including washing hands diligently, using an appropriate hand sanitizer, and using face coverings and personal protective equipment

  6. Consult the equipment manufacturer for instructions regarding equipment cleaning
    *Note: The instructions for use of reusable medical equipment are expected to include validated cleaning and disinfection or cleaning sterilization procedures. See the ISO 17664 series, AAMI TIR12 and AAMI TIR30.

  7. Do not use disinfecting products, including foggers, sprays, or other types of atomized cleaning agents on any electrical equipment components of any material type unless specifically instructed by the manufacturer of the electrical equipment

  8. If you have specific electrical equipment questions regarding cleaning and disinfection, please contact the equipment manufacturer