Lithium-Ion Batteries: E-Bike and Scooter Safety

You’ve got a new e-bike or scooter. Before you hop on for a ride, take a moment to read the manual, familiarize yourself with the charging process, and use the equipment provided by the manufacturer. Remember to plug directly into a wall outlet when charging. If you’re considering a backup battery, always use the manufacturer’s […]

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Signs of a Charging or Battery Problem

Lithium-ion batteries may not be able to talk, but they give off signs if something is wrong. Notice an odd odor, discoloration, or hear something unusual from your e-bike or electric scooter? These could be warning signs. If you sense something unusual, unplug the charging battery, and move the device away from flammable objects. To […]

Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption

ESFI and Wesco’s article, Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption, was recently published on Facility Executive’s website. Read the article here. Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption When electric vehicle (EV) adoption becomes more common, existing electrical systems will be under greater pressure. by Brett Brenner and Sean R. Nacey E-mobility, or the electrification of […]

The Future of Workplace Safety

  ESFI and Wesco’s article, The Future of Workplace Safety, was recently published on EC&M’s website. Read the article here. The Future of Workplace Safety How technology can improve the safety of workers on job sites Shawn Gregg, Brett Brenner Rapid technological advancements are improving the functionality of our lives. But are workplaces advancing to keep […]

Electrification Charges Forward

ESFI and Wesco’s article, Electrification Charges Forward, was recently published on Environmental Protection’s website. Read the article here. Electrification Charges Forward By Brett Brenner, Nelson Squires The introduction of the incandescent light bulb in the 1880s was the first spark that set humanity on the course of electrification. Although by 1925, only half of American […]

What is an AFCI – Video Short

Arc fault circuit interrupters, or AFCIs, are safety devices that protect your home against electrical fires caused by damaged wiring. You can damage wires in all kinds of ways, like driving nails through them, closing a door on them, having loose connections, or overheating cords under rugs. AFCIs are designed to detect arcing issues and […]

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: Preventing Electrocution Since 1973

Year Estimated Number of GFCI Protected Homes Total Electrocutions Consumer Products Electrocution 1968 – 1,048 481 1969 – 1,148 495 1970 – 1,140 565 1971 – 1,065 531 1972 – 1,088 484 1973 – 1,149 585 1974 – 1,157 521 1975 12,993,400 1,224 562 1976 14,370,600 1,041 433 1977 16,027,700 1,183 510 1978 17,895,200 984 […]

Understanding Surge Protective Devices Survey

In 2021, the Electrical Safety Foundation International surveyed industrial and commercial facility professionals, including managers, owners, building engineers, heads of maintenance, and related occupations. These professionals provided insights regarding power surge incidents and effects, as well as usage of Surge Protective Devices in the facilities they manage.  SEE FULL SURVEY RESULTS Common Voltage Surge Causes: […]

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Connected to Safety Are you purchasing, or have you recently purchased, an electric vehicle? Learn about the different charging options you have and how to charge your electric vehicle safely.  HOME CHARGING: ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT (EVSE) Before using a charger, ensure the equipment has been listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Have a […]

Generator Safety

Use Backup Power Safely When used properly, portable and standby generators are a great option to provide backup power during brownouts or blackouts. Learn how to use generators safely with the following tips: Generators Location Always keep generators at least 20 feet away from your home Never operate a generator in an enclosed space Make sure the generator […]

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits Only purchase from trusted sources. Check electrical manufacturers’ websites to find authorized retailers and dealers. Only purchase items that have been tested and marked. Only use licensed, insured, and bonded contractors that will stand behind their work. Products and packaging with typos and misspellings have a high likelihood of being counterfeit. […]