Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: Preventing Electrocution Since 1973

Year Estimated Number of GFCI Protected Homes Total Electrocutions Consumer Products Electrocution 1968 – 1,048 481 1969 – 1,148 495 1970 – 1,140 565 1971 – 1,065 531 1972 – 1,088 484 1973 – 1,149 585 1974 – 1,157 521 1975 12,993,400 1,224 562 1976 14,370,600 1,041 433 1977 16,027,700 1,183 510 1978 17,895,200 984 […]

Understanding Surge Protective Devices Survey

In 2021, the Electrical Safety Foundation International surveyed industrial and commercial facility professionals, including managers, owners, building engineers, heads of maintenance, and related occupations. These professionals provided insights regarding power surge incidents and effects, as well as usage of Surge Protective Devices in the facilities they manage.  SEE FULL SURVEY RESULTS Common Voltage Surge Causes: […]

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Connected to Safety Are you purchasing, or have you recently purchased, an electric vehicle? Learn about the different charging options you have and how to charge your electric vehicle safely.  HOME CHARGING: ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT (EVSE) Before using a charger, ensure the equipment has been listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Have a […]

Generator Safety

Use Backup Power Safely When used properly, portable and standby generators are a great option to provide backup power during brownouts or blackouts. Learn how to use generators safely with the following tips: Generators Location Always keep generators at least 20 feet away from your home Never operate a generator in an enclosed space Make sure the generator […]

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits Only purchase from trusted sources. Check electrical manufacturers’ websites to find authorized retailers and dealers. Only purchase items that have been tested and marked. Only use licensed, insured, and bonded contractors that will stand behind their work. Products and packaging with typos and misspellings have a high likelihood of being counterfeit. […]

What are Surge Protective Devices

Surge protective devices protect against downtime, improve system and data reliability, and reduce electrical failures. Electrical surge damage can be experienced in a single event or as the result of an accumulation of power surges. Lightning and external sources cost the U.S. economy an estimated $5-6 billion per year. A common source of power surges inside […]

What are Power Surges

Surges, or transients, are brief overvoltage spikes or disturbances of a power waveform that can damage, degrade, or destroy electronic equipment within any home, commercial building, or industrial and manufacturing facilities. Transients can reach amplitudes of tens of thousands of volts. Most equipment is designed to handle minor variations in their standard operating voltage. However, surges can […]

Surge Protective Devices: Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure depends on the reliability of electrical and electronic equipment. Ranging from medical services to IT and our nation’s transportation system, it is imperative these systems remain operational. On average, a typical building experiences over 150 power surges a month. While lightning and other external systems result in a significant number of surging events, […]

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) Prevent Fires

Available as circuit breakers and receptacles. Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) protect against electrical fires from malfunctions. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 50% of home electrical fires can be prevented by proper AFCI protection. ​Learn where AFCI protection is required in your home by the National Electrical Code: Bedrooms Closets Kitchens Laundry areas Living […]

AFCIs: Protecting Your Home From Fires

Home fires are more deadly and costly than ever. While the number of total fires and fire injuries is decreasing, property damage and fire deaths are on the rise. Each year arc-faults, caused by worn and inadequate wiring, overburdened circuits, outdated technology, and aging electrical systems, start more than 35,000 home fires causing over 1,130 […]

At Home Learning Electrical Safety

Attending school at home? Follow these electrical safety tips to keep you, your family, and your home safe from electrical hazards. Avoid overloading outlets. Unplug appliances when not in use to save energy and minimize the risk of shock and fire. Regularly inspect electrical cords and extension cords for damage. Extension cords should only be used […]