Using Content From This Site

ESFI provides the information and downloadable materials on our website free of charge and invites you to use these resources to increase electrical safety awareness and develop a culture of electrical safety in your community, workplace, school or family.

Please follow these simple guidelines when utilizing ESFI content and materials:

  • Community and civic groups, educators, employers, consumers and the media are invited to copy and distribute any and all ESFI content and materials.
  • ESFI content and materials must be used solely for their intended purpose of increasing electrical safety awareness.
  • Materials used from the ESFI Web site should include an attribution statement referencing the Electrical Safety Foundation International Web site at
  • Employers, community groups and others are invited to customize with their own logos and contact information any press release, proclamation, presentation and pre-written article templates provided by ESFI, so long as the substantive content, intent and purpose of the documents is not altered.
  • ESFI content obtained from this Web site may not be copied, reproduced, sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

We want to be your resource for electrical safety awareness materials. Please contact us at [email protected] or 703-841-3229 if you need additional assistance in utilizing any ESFI content or materials. For any media requests, please contact [email protected].