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Paper examines all electrical cases investigated by OSHA from 1990-2012 to determine the industries and occupations that often sustain injuries from overhead power line incidents as well as the scenarios associated with these events.
ESFI’s train-the-trainer program can help teach managers to educate their employees about the danger of overhead power lines at the work-site.
This handy poster provides important reminders on how to agricultural workers can avoid contact with overhead power lines.

Industry Codes & Regulations

An overview of the various laws, regulations, and codes in place to protect anyone working with or near electricity.

Standards & Best Practices

Electrical safety methods for employers, safety directors, electricians, and maintenance professionals.

Injury & Fatality Statistics

An in-depth look at occupational electrical injury and fatality statistics compiled by ESFI.

How Do You Know?

Tools to help ensure your workforce is properly protected from electrical hazards.
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ESFI has created the Never Assume Safety Series to address the most critical workplace electrical safety issues.
Prevent electrical accidents and create a safer work environment by increasing employee awareness of the hazards that may exist in an office setting.