The 2023 edition of the NFPA 70B represents a significant shift in the approach to electrical equipment maintenance. Previously considered a “Recommended Practice,” NFPA 70B is now a “Standard” containing mandatory language and requirements.

This change makes NFPA 70B a key driver of electrical maintenance and safety in the United States (U.S.) – including inspection methods and recommended equipment – and underscores the importance of properly maintaining electrical, electronic, and communications systems.

While every organization has a unique problem-solving approach, this document provides step-by-step instructions for 2023 NFPA 70B standard compliance.

8 Steps To Compliance

  1. Designate an electrical maintenance program (EMP) coordinator
  2. Conduct electrical infrastructure and equipment condition assessment
  3. Update single-line diagrams (SLDs) and other studies older than five years
  4. Perform remediation identified by assessments
  5. Determine maintenance intervals and scope based on the assessment
  6. Update EMP to verify compliance requirements
  7. Audit your EMP every 5 years or less
  8. Embrace digitization and digitalization


Provided by our supporter Schneider Electric