We are the Electrical Safety Foundation

The future is electric. With electrification comes the potential for greater hazards. To meet the needs of society, safety is imperative. Together, we can prevent over 6 injuries a day caused by electricity. The Electrical Safety Foundation meets its goals through worker outreach, consumer outreach, the safe use of emerging technology, thought leadership, and partnership […]

ESFI and UL Counterfeit Charger Short

Whether you need a replacement or just want an extra phone charger, sometimes it’s tempting to purchase an off-priced option rather than the expensive charger provided by the manufacturer. However, purchasing a bargain charger could have disastrous consequences not just for your phone, but for your safety. With this short video, ESFI and UL are […]

Who is ESFI

The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESFI) is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety in the home, school, and workplace through education, awareness, and advocacy.  Over the past 20 years, ESFI has reinvigorated how electrical safety is addressed through groundbreaking programs and campaigns.  Discover how ESFI is spreading the message about the importance of […]

P.I. Plug’s 4 Seasons of Safety Tour

Everyone’s favorite Safety Detective, Private I. Plug, invites you to join him for an exclusive viewing of his 4 Seasons of Safety Tour.  He’s sniffing out dangers and learning about fire and electrical safety during all 4 seasons of the year, and he could definitely use some help.  Enjoy the show! 

Children and Holiday Safety Video Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The holidays are a magical time of year for children. Yet, this season is also a time when many children experience preventable injuries. Illuminated decorations and gifts are staples of the holiday season, but can also be hazards if simple precautions aren’t taken. Help your family “play it safe” throughout the holiday season by following […]

Preventing Holiday Decorating Hazards Video Public Service Announcement (PSA)

While decorative lights and other electrical decorations add to the splendor of the season, they can increase the risks of fire and electrical injuries during the holidays if not used safety. Follow the basic safety guidelines outlined in this high-quality video to help prevent serious electrical and fire hazards as you decorate your home and […]

Never Assume Electrical Safety Series: Job Planning

An explanation of safe practices you and your crew should perform before you strap on the tool belt. Part of ESFI’s Never Assume Electrical Safety Series – A must for anyone working with or near electricity.