First Responder Safety – How to Extinguish: Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

How to Extinguish Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Lithium-ion battery fires have unique threats, which include reignition and explosion if they are not extinguished properly. Hazardous energy may still exist even after the battery or device is shut down. Electrolyte Spills Identify the chemistry involved to know the response. Reference any pre-plan info if available.  Interview any […]

Damaged EV Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Electric Vehicle Battery Identification & Transportation, After Damage Automotive batteries (12v, hybrid, and EV batteries) pose a risk if not properly prepared and transported, using all necessary standard operating procedures. This danger can be higher if the battery systems in the vehicles have been compromised in an accident. Lithium-ion batteries contain high energy and present […]

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety: New York City

New York, our vibrant city, but beneath its pulse lurks a silent threat. Lithium-ion battery fires have risen, claiming both homes and lives. Make sure you always charge your electric scooter or e-bike using manufacturer provided gear, never charge them unsupervised, and be sure not to charge near doors, which may block exits in case […]

Lithium-Ion Batteries: How and Where to Buy E-Bikes and Scooters

In the market for an e-bike, an electric scooter, or any other device powered by a lithium-ion battery? When shopping around, turn to trusted retailers, those who stand behind their products. Look for warranties and, before that first use or charge, familiarize yourself with the product manual. Trust in safety certifications by recognized testing labs […]

Lithium-Ion Batteries: E-Bike and Scooter Safety

You’ve got a new e-bike or scooter. Before you hop on for a ride, take a moment to read the manual, familiarize yourself with the charging process, and use the equipment provided by the manufacturer. Remember to plug directly into a wall outlet when charging. If you’re considering a backup battery, always use the manufacturer’s […]

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Signs of a Charging or Battery Problem

Lithium-ion batteries may not be able to talk, but they give off signs if something is wrong. Notice an odd odor, discoloration, or hear something unusual from your e-bike or electric scooter? These could be warning signs. If you sense something unusual, unplug the charging battery, and move the device away from flammable objects. To […]

Lithium-Ion Batteries: How to Charge and Where to Store

E-bikes and scooters, powered by lithium-ion batteries, enhance our lives, but with such convenience comes responsibility. When it’s time to charge, choose a flat, dry area away from children, sunlight — and most importantly, not near entrances where a fire could block an escape route. Always use a manufacturer-approved charger and avoid adapters when charging. […]

Lithium-Ion Battery: Seguridad de Bicicleta y Scooters Eléctrica

Tienes una nueva bicicleta o scooter eléctrica. Antes de subirte para dar un paseo, tómate un momento para leer el manual, familiarizarte con el proceso de carga y utilizar el equipo proporcionado por el fabricante. Recuerda enchufar directamente en un tomacorriente de pared al cargar. Si estás considerando una batería de respaldo, siempre utiliza el […]

Lithium-Ion Battery: Cómo Comprar y Dónde Comprar

¿Estás en busca de una bicicleta eléctrica, un scooter eléctrico o cualquier otro dispositivo alimentado por una batería de lithium-ion? Cuando estés de compras, acude a una tienda de confianza, aquellos que respaldan sus productos. Busca garantías y, antes del primer uso o carga, familiarízate con el manual del producto. Confía en las certificaciones de […]

Lithium-Ion Battery: Señales de un Problema de Carga o Batería

Las baterías de lithium- ion emiten señales si algo está mal. Si notas un olor extraño, decoloración o escuchas algo inusual en tu bicicleta o scooter eléctrica Estas podrían ser señales de advertencia. Si sientes algo inusual, desconecta la batería de carga y aleja el dispositivo de objetos inflamables. Para evitar malfunciones, siempre utiliza el […]

Lithium-Ion Battery: Cómo Cargar y Dónde Guardar

Bicicletas y scooters eléctricas, funcionan con baterías de Lithium-ion, mejoran nuestras vidas, pero con tanta conveniencia viene la responsabilidad. Cuando sea hora de cargarlos, elige un área plana y seca, lejos de los niños, la luz del sol y, lo más importante, no cerca de las entradas donde un incendio podría bloquear una ruta de […]

Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Safety

Electric bikes and scooters, powered by lithium-ion batteries, enhance our lives, but with such convenience comes responsibility. In many cities, lithium-ion batteries have become one of the leading causes of fires and fire deaths. Learn how to charge your devices safely. Where to Buy Devices and Equipment Purchase from a trusted retailer who stands behind […]