Children and Holiday Safety Video Public Service Announcement (PSA)

The holidays are a magical time of year for children. Yet, this season is also a time when many children experience preventable injuries. Illuminated decorations and gifts are staples of the holiday season, but can also be hazards if simple precautions aren’t taken. Help your family “play it safe” throughout the holiday season by following […]

Preventing Holiday Decorating Hazards Video Public Service Announcement (PSA)

While decorative lights and other electrical decorations add to the splendor of the season, they can increase the risks of fire and electrical injuries during the holidays if not used safety. Follow the basic safety guidelines outlined in this high-quality video to help prevent serious electrical and fire hazards as you decorate your home and […]

ESFI Holiday Short Video

Decorating the home for the holidays is one of the season’s most cherished traditions.  However, overdoing decorations and overloading electrical outlets can have disastrous consequences.  This short video helps consumers to remember to keep safe practices in mind while decorating this holiday season.

Holiday Electrical Safety Reminders PSA

During the holiday season, many people put themselves at increased risk of electrical fires and accidents. An increase in indoor activities combined shopping, entertaining and cooking for family and friends causes many to forget basic safety. ESFI offers tips to encourage in-home safety during the holidays.  

Prevent Holiday Electrical Fires PSA

The holiday season is a prime time for entertaining, but decorative lights and home cooked meals that add to the ambiance also increase the likelihood of home fires and electrical accidents. Prevent electrical fires and protect your family this holiday with these helpful tips from ESFI.  

Protect Children from Holiday Electrical Hazards PSA

The number of children injured and killed by fires more than doubles during the winter holiday months. This holiday season, ESFI recommends the following tips for keeping young children safe from additional shock and fire hazards the winter months bring.   

Safeguard Your Electronics with Surge Protectors PSA

Expensive electronics such as home theater systems or computers are purchased more often during the holiday season than any other time of the year. ESFI offers the following suggestions to help guard these and other high-end appliances against damage from electrical surges this holiday season.  

Select Extension Cords to Meet Your Needs PSA

During the holidays, extension cords are widely used to carry electricity to indoor and outdoor lighting and decorations. But improper use of extension cords can pose serious shock and fire hazards. ESFI recommends the following tips to ensure their safe use this holiday season.

Avoid Holiday Decorating Hazards PSA

Thousands of people visit the emergency room each year during the holidays due to injuries related to electrical decoration mishaps. When decorating for the season, ESFI recommends following these important safety tips.  

Post-Holiday Safety Reminders PSA

Even after the holiday season has come and gone, many indoor and outdoor decorations remain in use. ESFI has some suggestions for wrapping up after the holidays to ensure that decorations are removed and stored properly so that they will be available for safe use next year.