Halloween Safety

It’s Not a Trick.  Treat Yourself to Safety Curiosity leads to many things, not all of them safe.  Protect children by installing Tamper Resistant Receptacles in your home.  This permanent, cost-effective solution prevents injuries and deaths caused by the insertion of foreign objects into outlets. Avoid using dried flowers, corn stalks or hay in your festive decorations. […]

Are Your Halloween Traditions a Trick or a Treat?

Are your Halloween traditions a trick or a treat?  Our illustrated tip sheet will let you know if real danger is lurking in your Halloween décor  Trick: Costumes can catch fire! Avoid costumes with billowing or long trailing fabric. If you are making your own costumes, choose fire-resistant materials.  Never use electrical products outdoors that […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Cute as a Button…but Beware! Each year, nearly 3,500 people of all ages in the United States unintentionally swallow button batteries, also known as watch or coin batteries, used to power many electronics including toys, decorations, and remote controls.  56,667 people, including children, were hospitalized for battery ingestion related injuries between 1993 and 2013. All […]