First Responder Safety – How to Extinguish: Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

How to Extinguish Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Lithium-ion battery fires have unique threats, which include reignition and explosion if they are not extinguished properly. Hazardous energy may still exist even after the battery or device is shut down. Electrolyte Spills Identify the chemistry involved to know the response. Reference any pre-plan info if available.  Interview any […]

Damaged EV Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery Safety

Electric Vehicle Battery Identification & Transportation, After Damage Automotive batteries (12v, hybrid, and EV batteries) pose a risk if not properly prepared and transported, using all necessary standard operating procedures. This danger can be higher if the battery systems in the vehicles have been compromised in an accident. Lithium-ion batteries contain high energy and present […]

Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption

ESFI and Wesco’s article, Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption, was recently published on Facility Executive’s website. Read the article here. Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption When electric vehicle (EV) adoption becomes more common, existing electrical systems will be under greater pressure. by Brett Brenner and Sean R. Nacey E-mobility, or the electrification of […]

Electric Vehicle Owner Charging Survey

In late 2023, the Electrical Safety Foundation surveyed electric vehicle owners to understand their knowledge of electric vehicle charging safety and to understand if the average American home is prepared for EV charging.  Home EV Charging Survey Results 85% of EV owners have at-home chargers Over 95% of owners were “satisfied or very satisfied” with […]

Electrification Charges Forward

ESFI and Wesco’s article, Electrification Charges Forward, was recently published on Environmental Protection’s website. Read the article here. Electrification Charges Forward By Brett Brenner, Nelson Squires The introduction of the incandescent light bulb in the 1880s was the first spark that set humanity on the course of electrification. Although by 1925, only half of American […]

Prepare your Home or Business for Electric Vehicles

Thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? Make sure your home or business is prepared for electric vehicle charging: Charging Types Charging types vary based on the amount of electricity used and how fast they charge Level 1: 120v. Standard home outlet. 3-5 miles of range per hour Level 2: 240v. Requires EV charger installation. 10-20 […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Safety

Stay safe while charging your electric vehicle: Visually inspect the charging cable before use. Never use a damaged charger Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge Never use an extension cord or multiplug adapter when charging electric vehicles Only use manufacturer-provided or approved charging cables. Never use an adapter to change charging types Never […]

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Download Attachment According to the International Energy Agency, there were 10 million electric cars on the world’s roads at the end of 2020. Electric Vehicle (EV) Benefits EVs cost less to operate than traditional gas cars. They require no oil changes and less frequent brake replacements Charge your vehicle at home or at one of […]

Understanding Electric Vehicles

Connected to Safety Are you purchasing, or have you recently purchased, an electric vehicle? Learn about the different charging options you have and how to charge your electric vehicle safely.  HOME CHARGING: ELECTRIC VEHICLE SUPPLY EQUIPMENT (EVSE) Before using a charger, ensure the equipment has been listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Have a […]

Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers

How to Prepare your Business Are you interested in installing electric vehicle chargers at your building or place of business? Adding Level 3 charging can attract new business or provide an incentive to employees while showing your corporate social responsibility. Level 3 chargers provide 60 – 80 miles of range in 20 minutes. Installation typically […]