Avoid Utility Scams

Learn How to Avoid Common Phone Utility Scams According to the FTC, fraud complaints were received from more than 2.4 million people in 2022, showing a total loss of $8.8 billion, $2.6 billion of which were from impostor scams. Many of these scams are utility scams where scammers pretend to be representatives of utility companies […]

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits Only purchase from trusted sources. Check electrical manufacturers’ websites to find authorized retailers and dealers. Only purchase items that have been tested and marked. Only use licensed, insured, and bonded contractors that will stand behind their work. Products and packaging with typos and misspellings have a high likelihood of being counterfeit. […]

Qualified Electricians

Not all electricians are the same. All electrical work should be done by a qualified electrician, who: Have 4-5 years of on the job training Is trained and up-to-date on your state’s electrical code Is licensed, insured, and bonded in your state Purchase from reputable retailers and distributors Stand behind their work Can be reached […]

Not all Imposters are Easy to Spot: Avoid Counterfeit Electronics

The saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.” should come to mind when you find electrical products that are far below competitor prices.  But electrical products are uniquely hazardous when impersonated.  They have not undergone testing by an independent laboratory, likely do not comply with industry safety requirements, and since its […]

Counterfeits Can Kill

Jointly produced by ESFI and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), this 8-minute DVD feature contains footage of some examples of dangerous counterfeit electrical products and outlines specific recommendations for manufacturers, distributors, government officials and consumers.

Anti-Counterfeiting Call to Action – Manufacturers

Fighting back starts with awareness. Manufacturers need to make people aware of the issue of counterfeit electrical parts and components, and how serious it really is. Manufacturers have a multi-pronged approach to fighting counterfeiting. But the only way to stop this problem is to make it harder for counterfeit electrical products to enter the supply […]

Anti-Counterfeiting Call to Action – Government

Counterfeiting is a global problem, and it’s going to require a global solution – and that means governments working together to end counterfeiting and protect the safety and security of their citizens. Every nation needs to be very serious about deterring counterfeiting. Not only because it protects their local industry, but because – most importantly […]

Anti-Counterfeiting Call to Action – Distributors

Counterfeits can kill. Practical guidelines and recommended best practices for distributors, suppliers, and installers to ensure compliance with industry standards and protect against counterfeit electrical products. You can make a difference.  

Counterfeits That Kill PSA

Wherever money can be made, you’ll find counterfeit products. Bootleg movies, music, auto parts, electronics, jewelry, clothing and accessories, just to name a few. But now, authorities are busy dealing with a different kind of counterfeiting – counterfeiting that can bring tragedy to unwitting consumers. With alarming regularity, counterfeit electrical products are making their way […]

Frank Abagnale Anti-Counterfeiting PSA

Counterfeit electrical products are threatening the safety of communities everywhere. These fraudulent devices can cause fires, explosions, shocks, and electrocutions. ESFI offers important tips to help protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers posed by counterfeit electrical products.   Features anti-counterfeiting expert Frank Abagnale, the subject of Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You […]

Counterfeit Electrical Cord Safety PSA

Whatever your budget, it’s tempting to purchase less expensive products, including extension cords. Often these below market cords are counterfeit and unsafe. Use these tips from ESFI to help you identify and avoid counterfeit electrical cords.  

ESFI Counterfeit Charger Short

Whether you need a replacement or just want an extra phone charger, sometimes it’s tempting to purchase an off-priced option rather than the expensive charger provided by the manufacturer. However, purchasing a bargain charger could have disastrous consequences not just for your phone, but for your safety. With this short video, ESFI is reminding consumers […]