According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 1,450 fire deaths occur every year in homes with missing or non-functioning smoke alarms.

2/3 fire deaths occur in homes with missing or non-functioning smoke alarms

Install Smoke Alarms In:

  • Every bedroom
  • Outside each sleeping area
  • On every level of your home, including basement
  • On levels without bedrooms: install in living room, den, or family room
  • Install near stairways leading to upper levels
  • Install smoke alarms 10 feet from cooking appliances to minimize false alarms

Use interconnected smoke alarms for additional safety and early warning

Low pitch sound, and vibration smoke alarms are available for those who are hard of hearing

Do not install near windows, doors, or ducts

Never paint smoke alarms

Remember to:

  1. Test smoke alarms monthly
  2. Change smoke alarm batteries yearly
  3. Replace smoke alarms every 10 years