It’s Electric! – A Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety Program


ESFI utilized funds provided by a 2008 Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Grant from the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop this dynamic, new safety awareness program. 

Program materials, starring ESFI’s quirky Private I. Plug mascot, deliver critical electrical and fire safety information to elementary school children in grades 3-5. 

These resources have been developed in accordance with the National Science Education standards.

Investigate with P.I. Plug Teaching Guide – It’s Electric! 

A Teacher’s Guide about fire prevention and electrical safety for Grades 3-5. Includes: lesson plans & activity sheets; seek-and-find poster; project ideas; and family materials.

Investigate with P.I. Plug Poster – It’s Electric!

What’s different between these two homes? Help find the safety features and electrical hazards.

P.I. Plug’s Safety and Activity Guide – It’s Electric! 

Use these electrical and fire safety tips and in-class activities to get students excited about staying safe during National Electrical Safety Month in May – and all year long.  Don’t miss the Safety Badge cutout. You don’t want your Safety Detectives running around uncertified!

A New Case for P.I. Plug: Student Activity Sheet 1 – It’s Electric! 

Help P.I. Plug search the house for a villain called Escaping Electricity, or E.E. But watch out! E.E. placed hazards in the home—be sure to avoid them so you can stay safe.

The Search for Clues: Student Activity Sheet 2 – It’s Electric!

Fill in the blanks with the missing words, using the the pictures to help you.

A Break in the Case: Student Activity Sheet 3 – It’s Electric!

Unscramble the words and use your answers to decode the final clue.

Make A Safety Badge Worksheet – It’s Electric!

Congratulations! You followed the clues and completed the puzzles. Now you’re a certified safety detective. Fill in the badge below. Display it in your classroom to show what you know.

Private I. Plug Family Take-Home Guide – It’s Electric!

Use this information from ESFI to help your students communicate their electrical safety lessons to their families.