Electrical Fires do not have to happen. Use this checklist to help you find and fix electrical fire hazards in your home before they can start a fire.

Be sure to download the Electrical Fire Safety Checklist PDF above to help you answer questions related to the following:

Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms save lives!

  • Do you have enough smoke alarms?
  • Are they working?
  • Do you test them?​

Switches and Outlets – Be on the look-out for signs of trouble.

  • Are they working?
  • Do they make crackling, buzzing, or sizzling sounds?
  • Are they warm to the touch?
  • Do plugs fit snugly?

Cords – Never use damaged cords.

  • Is there fraying or cracking?
  • Are they pinched or pierced?
  • Do you use extension cords all the time?
  • Are cords getting enough air?

Lamps and Appliances – Use them safely.

  • Are you using the right bulbs?
  • Do you use space heaters safely?
  • Are appliance cords protected from damage?

Electrical Panel – Know the basics.

  • Do you have AFCIs?
  • Have you tested your AFCIs?
  • Are all circuit breakers and fuses the proper size?