Using qualified electricians and purchasing from reputable distributors and retailers gives you: safety, security, and the backing of the Manufacturer.

Purchasing Counterfeits Has Consequences


  • Have low-quality components
  • Are unregulated and untested
  • Unsafe and not backed by a manufacturer warranty 
  • Could lead to identity theft if purchased from a non-reputable vendor

Counterfeit’s Unintentional Consequences

  • $1.38 billion of counterfeits are seized yearly 
  • 87% of counterfeits originate in China and Hong Kong
  • 1/3 of website hosting pirated or counterfeit goods contain malware according to the office of U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator
  • 750,000 American jobs are lost every year due to counterfeiting 

How to Avoid Counterfeits

  • Only purchase from trusted sources
  • Only purchase items have been tested or marked by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory 
  • Check electrical manufacturers websites to find authorized retailers and distributors
  • Products and packing with typos or misspellings have a light likelihood of being counterfeit
  • Only use licensed, insured, and bonded contractors that will stand behind their work