This slide presentation was designed for educators from Community Action Agencies to present basic
home fire safety information to older adults who live in a house or an apartment. According to the
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 30% of people who die in house fires are adults 65 and
older. The death rate for older adults increases with age. By the age of 85, older adults have death rates four times the overall U.S. rate.

This presentation uses simple graphics and messages to help older adults acquire useful skills
and knowledge to prevent the leading causes of home fires: cooking, heating, and electrical
equipment. It also provides burn prevention tips and important information about smoke alarms. These
messages can help reduce injuries and loss of life due to fire and fire-related hazards.
Confirm that you can play audio loud enough for your audience. This presentation includes a
3-minute video (slide 14) about Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI).

To prepare the presentation, follow these simple steps

  1. Download Instructions

  2. Download the Fire Safety PowerPoint file.

  3. Follow instructions on the first and last slides to add your agency’s logo. There are two
    versions of the last slide, you can delete the slide you do not want to use.

    • Slide 2: Explain that cooking, heating, and electrical equipment are the top causes of home fires and that the presentation will provide important information to prevent fires.

    • Slide 3: Insert your local statistics about these types of fires. Resources for local data include:

    • Slide 6: Engage with the group by discussing the following topics:

      • Name the types of things often found in a kitchen that can easily catch fire (paper towels, napkins, and dishtowels).

      • Name common kitchen appliances that are plugged in (coffee maker and toaster).

    • Slide 7: Discuss GFCI receptacles and why they are near water to
      prevent shock and electrocution.

    • Slide 14: Play the 3-minute video about Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI).

    • Slide 15: Bring a smoke alarm as a teaching prop to make sure the group
      understands how to test it.

    • Slide 21/22: Add your agency’s logo. Delete the slide you do not want to use.

  4. Hand out the You Can Make Your Home Safer brochure. It includes the safety tips and information from the presentation as a reminder when the group goes home.