In late 2023, the Electrical Safety Foundation surveyed electric vehicle owners to understand their knowledge of electric vehicle charging safety and to understand if the average American home is prepared for EV charging. 

Home EV Charging Survey Results

  • 85% of EV owners have at-home chargers
    • Over 95% of owners were “satisfied or very satisfied” with their at-home charger installation
  • 65% of electric vehicle owners have to upgrade their electrical panel when installing an electric vehicle charger
  • 63% had a site inspection completed before installing EV chargers
  • 41% had to have maintenance performed on their at-home charger
  • 67% of owners received information about chargers from car dealers
  • 23% of owners had experienced where they were unable to charge their EV because they could not find a compatible charger type
  • 45% purchased an adapter to charge their EV at a different charger type
  • 8% of owners received a shock when charging their EV

Who installed the EV charger:


  • Electrician: 65%
  • Contractor: 18%
  • DIY: 11%
  • Handyman: 5%

20% of owners had to have charging equipment replaced:

  • Charging cable: 28%
  • Plug / connector: 19%
  • Electronic component / control unit: 17%
  • GFCI: 12%
  • Overcurrent protection: 9%
  • Meter: 9%
  • Housing / enclosure: 7%
  • Other: 2%

What Advice about EV Charging would EV Owners Give People Planning to Purchase EVs?

  • Have EV chargers installed by professionals 
  • Use certified equipment including chargers and cables
  • Purchase high-quality chargers from reputable retailers and brands or from manufacturers. Reliability is paramount.

Respondent seem to see home EV charger installation as a positive and worthwhile endeavor if approved with proper research, safety precaution, and professional help.