Solar Energy – Video Short

You can now reduce your energy dependency with the help of energy storage systems and PV solar panels. When solar panels are paired with energy storage systems, they automatically provide power to essential devices in your home or business during power outages or peak power. You can also monitor your energy use with smart devices, […]

What is a GFCI – Video Short

A ground fault circuit interrupter is a safety device that helps protect you against electric shock. You’ll find GFCIs in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and outdoor outlets; really anywhere that outlets can be exposed to water. They’re installed either as an outlet or as a circuit breaker in your electrical panel. And remember to test your […]

Caja de Interruptores – Video Short

Los interruptores estándar se disparan cuando la corriente eléctrica excede los niveles seguros. Esto ayuda a proteger tu hogar contra circuitos sobrecargados. Los AFCIs pueden instalarse para detectar fallas en el cableado y proteger contra incendios eléctricos. Los GFCIs protegen contra choques eléctricos en áreas donde el agua y la electricidad pueden mezclarse, por ejemplo […]

Que es un GFCI – Video Short

Un Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) es un dispositivo de seguridad que te ayuda a proteger contra choques eléctricos. Los GFCI se encuentran en baños, cocinas, garajes y tomas de corriente exteriores; realmente en cualquier lugar donde las tomas de corriente puedan estar expuestas al agua. Se instalan como toma de corriente o como un […]

Instalacion de cargador EV – Video Short

¿Estás pensando en instalar un cargador EV en tu casa? Asegúrate de que todos los cargadores sean instalados por un electricista calificado para asegurarte de que se cumplan los estándares de seguridad y los códigos eléctricos. Haz que realicen una evaluación del sitio antes de la instalación para asegurarte de que tu sistema eléctrico pueda […]

Señales de una Problema Electrico – Video Short

Sobrecargar el sistema eléctrico de tu hogar puede causar un incendio. Si las luces empiezan a parpadear o a oscurecerse; si escuchas un zumbido, huele a quemado, ves decoloración o sientes enchufes tibios, podrían ser señales de un problema grave de tu systema electrico. Si sientes una descarga eléctrica leve o un cosquilleo al usar […]

Lithium-ion Battery Safety

Protect your Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Lithium-ion batteries power many portable consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and even store power in energy storage systems. In normal applications, the Li-ion batteries are safe, but if damaged or overheated, they can cause fires. Only use manufacturer-provided or authorized batteries and charging equipment. All equipment should be certified […]

Prepare your Home or Business for Electric Vehicles

Thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? Make sure your home or business is prepared for electric vehicle charging: Charging Types Charging types vary based on the amount of electricity used and how fast they charge Level 1: 120v. Standard home outlet. 3-5 miles of range per hour Level 2: 240v. Requires EV charger installation. 10-20 […]

Electric Vehicle Charging Safety

Stay safe while charging your electric vehicle: Visually inspect the charging cable before use. Never use a damaged charger Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to charge Never use an extension cord or multiplug adapter when charging electric vehicles Only use manufacturer-provided or approved charging cables. Never use an adapter to change charging types Never […]

Prevent Fires – Adults 65+ – Video Short

Adults over the age of 65 are at a much higher risk of causing a cooking-related house fire. Protect your loved ones by reminding them to always stay in the kitchen while cooking and to always turn off the stove or burners when finished cooking. And to never heat their home with a stove or […]

Winter Storm Safety – Video Short

As temperatures drop and winter storms blow through, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings whenever venturing outside. It’s not uncommon for heavy winds, snow, and ice to bring down power lines and utility poles. If you come in contact with a downed power line, be sure to stay at least 35 feet back, which […]