Holiday Decorating Safety

Very few things are as unique to the winter holiday season as the custom of decorating your home and yard.


Findings from a 2013 ESFI consumer survey indicate that more than 86% of Americans decorate their homes as part of their winter holiday celebrations.  Almost two-thirds of respondents use electric lights in their indoor decorating scheme, while more than half use lighted decorations outside their homes.  More than 60% of those who decorate their homes for the holiday utilize at least one extension cord.

While holiday lighting and electrical decorations do contribute to the splendor of the season, they can also significantly increase the risk fires and electrical injuries if not used safely.  Given these safety hazards, it is crucial that safety is a foremost concern. 


ESFI provides these resources to help you prevent serious electrical and fire hazards while decorating your home and yard this season:


  • Holiday Safety Short Video - Over-decorating the home can lead to disastrous consequences as shown by this entertaining short video. 
  • Buyer's Guide: Purchasing Tip Sheet - Give your loved ones and yourself the gift of safety.  If you plan to add to or replace some of your holiday decorations this season, follow this tip sheet to be sure you purchase safe electrical products.
  • Candle Safety Tips - Candles start almost half of all home decoration fires. Minimize your risk with these candle safety tips from ESFI.
  • Childproof Decorating Tips - ESFI recommends taking the following safety precautions to ensure that this special time of year does not result in a decoration-related tragedy.
  • Prepare with Care: Pre Holiday Tips: Planning and preparation is essential to reducing your stress during the holiday season.  While we can’t help you manage your budgets, guests, and travel arrangements, we can help you plan and arrange for safe holiday decorations.
  • Outdoor Decoration Safety Tips - Take steps to protect your home and family from electrical and fire hazards related to outdoor holiday decorations with these quick tips from ESFI.
  • Wrapping Up the Holidays - Start the New Year off right and get a head start for next holiday season with these important post-holiday safety tips.

Check out ESFI's infographic: "Avoid the 12 Dangers of Christmas" for illustrated holiday safety reminders, and find out if your home is Naughty or Nice in terms of electrical safety this holiday!