Major wiring device manufacturers offer a wide range of tamper-resistant receptacles through specialized electrical distributors, home improvement centers and hardware stores. Many colors are available in both 15A and 20A capacities. Contractors, specifiers, builders and homeowners should have no difficulty in sourcing tamper-resistant receptacles appropriate to any application.

Traditional Residential Receptacles  Contemporary Residential Receptacles
Traditional Residential Receptacles Contemporary Residential Receptacles
  • Matches the appearance of the existing receptacles in most homes.
  • The most economical tamper-resistant choice.
  • Smooth-face styling looks more modern.
GFCI Receptacles AFCI Receptacles
GFCI Receptacles AFCI Receptacles
  • Provide shock protection by disconnecting power to the receptacles if a ground fault is detected.
  • Required in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and other wet locations.
  • Meet the more stringent 2006 UL® requirements.
  • Provides both AFCI and TRR benefits.
Commercial Receptacles – Standard and GFCI Types Hospital Grade Receptacles 
Commercial Receptacles - Standard and GFCI Types Hospital Grade Receptacles
  • More durable than residential receptacles; Increased rating and durability. Appropriate for use in home locations where hard use is anticipated.
  • A good choice for daycare centers, preschools, elementary schools and motels or hotels.
  • Have been required in pediatric wards for more than 20 years.
  • Highly durable-meet demanding specifications for abrupt plug removal, ground contact overstress, impact and assembly security.

Additional types, including single receptacles and tamper-resistant combination devices, are also available.