ESFI Counterfeit Extension Cord Short

While they may save you money in the short term, you could end up paying a serious price for bargain extension cords. ESFI is reminding consumers to beware of counterfeit electrical products, including extension cords. Be sure to check out our library of resources to help identify and avoid dangerous counterfeit electrical products.

P.I. Plug’s 4 Seasons of Safety Tour

Everyone’s favorite Safety Detective, Private I. Plug, invites you to join him for an exclusive viewing of his 4 Seasons of Safety Tour.  He’s sniffing out dangers and learning about fire and electrical safety during all 4 seasons of the year, and he could definitely use some help.  Enjoy the show! 

Protect Children from Holiday Electrical Hazards PSA

The number of children injured and killed by fires more than doubles during the winter holiday months. This holiday season, ESFI recommends the following tips for keeping young children safe from additional shock and fire hazards the winter months bring.   

P.I. Plug’s Holiday Safety Video

Hey kids!  Want to find out how to stay safe this holiday season?  Join ESFI’s cartoon mascot, Private I. Plug, as he learns about holiday electrical and fire dangers in this fun, animated video.  

P.I. Plug’s Smoke Alarm Safety Video

Help everyone’s favorite safety detective, Private I. Plug, learn about smoke alarms and fire escape plans while he celebrates his smoke alarm’s birthday in this fun and informative safety video.

P.I. Plug’s Home Safety Video

Hey kids! Want to become a Safety Detective? Take a trip with ESFI’s mascot, Private I. Plug, and help him spot common home electrical and fire hazards in this fun, animated video. Afterward, you can visit P.I. Plug’s Kids’ Corner to find more videos and play games about electrical safety and fire safety!

Cooking Safety Tips for Older Adults Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and home fire injuries year after year. Older adults (ages 65+) are at significantly higher risk of dying from a cooking related fire than the general population. This high-quality 60-second public service announcement provides safety tips to help older adults cook safely and prevent home cooking fires. […]

Home Electrical System Safety Video

The electrical system is an essential part of your home, yet it’s often taken for granted — and that’s a dangerous attitude to have when it comes to electricity. Understanding the basics of your electrical system can help you identify and avoid potential hazards. This video provides a brief introduction to the different components of […]