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Christmas Trees

Hundreds of home fires start with Christmas trees each year. Check out @Electrical Safety Foundation International’s Christmas tree safety tips to keep your home safe: 

Approximately 210 home structures fires began with Christmas trees during the winter holiday season between 2009-2013. Keep your home and loved ones safe by preventing the most common causes of holiday fires with these tips from @Electrical Safety Foundation International:

Smoke Alarms

Before you begin decorating your home for the holiday season, make sure you test your smoke alarms. Smoke alarms should be tested once a month, batteries should be replaced once a year, and alarms should be replaced every 10 years:

Holiday Lights

Find the right light this holiday season and decorate your home safely with these tips from @Electrical Safety Foundation International:

Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights together as they may not only blow a fuse, but can also cause a fire. View @Electrical Safety Foundation International’s indoor decorating safety fact sheet for more tips:

Always inspect all holiday decorations before using and discard any that are damaged or worn.  Refer to @Electrical Safety Foundation International’s “Avoid the 12 Dangers of Christmas” infographic for more holiday safety tips:


Outdoor holiday decorations are exposed to the elements which can include rain, snow, sleet, and the resulting standing water. Plug outdoor electric lights and decorations into ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles (or portable GFCIs) to prevent electric shock:


Unfortunately the warmth of the holiday season doesn’t heat the home.  Read more heating safety tips to help bring the heat without the hazards this holiday:

Space heaters are responsible for 80% of home heating fire deaths. Heat your home safely this holiday season and all winter long with these tips from @Electrical Safety Foundation International:

Incidents of home fires and electrical accidents typically increase during the winter months. Protect your home and loved ones by being proactive and practicing these safe heating tips:

Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Are you having young guests over this holiday season? Consider having Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR) technology installed in your home to eliminate instances of childhood shocks and burns:


Even though the holidays are over, safety should be a critical component for cleanup activities. Get a head start for next holiday season with these important post-holiday safety tips:


When it comes to holiday decorations, too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing. Check out this video from the @Electrical Safety Foundation International that warns about the dangers of overburdening your electrical system this holiday:

Prevent electrical fires in your home this holiday season by carefully inspecting each electrical decoration you use in your home. Cracked or frayed sockets, loose or bare wires, and loose connections may cause a serious shock or start a fire:

While the holidays are a special time for children, they also pose many safety hazards.  Always place electrical cords out of reach of small children and never allow them to play with lights, electrical decorations, or cords:

When decorating your home, make sure all extension cords and electrical decorations used for outdoor decorating are marked for outdoor use. View more holiday decorating tips from @Electrical Safety Foundation International:

According to the @National Fire Protection Association, 860 home fires are caused by holiday decorations each year. Follow these steps to ensure you decorate your home safely during the winter holidays:



Avoid the 12 Dangers of Christmas with this infographic from @esfidotorg:  #holidaysafety

‘Tis the season for hazards. Prevent common holiday hazards with these tips: #holidaysafety

Over-decorating can have disastrous consequences as you will learn in @esfidotorg’s #holidaysafety video:

According to the @NFPA, 860 home fires caused by holiday decorations occur each year. Follow these steps to ensure you #decorate your home safely during the #winter holidays. Learn more: #holidaysafety

Inspect decorations for damaged cords, which are a fire hazard. More tips from @esfidotorg: #holidaysafety

Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights together. More tips from @esfidotorg: #holidaysafety

Make sure all extension cords used for outdoor decorating are marked for outdoor use. More tips: #holidaysafety

Home fires peak this time of year. Place all holiday decorations at least 3 feet from all heating equipment and open flames: #holidaysafety

Make sure all outdoor decor is plugged into GFCI protected outlets. Learn more: #holidaysafety

Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Expecting young visitors? Childproof your home with TRRs. Read more: #holidaysafety

Heating Safety

Space heaters cause 1/3 of all home heating fires. Heat your home without the hazards this holiday: 


Keep your family safe as you prepare your holiday meal. Plug all countertop appliances into GFCIs. More #holidaysafety tips from @esfidotorg:


The season may be over, but holiday hazards still lurk. Safely wrap up your holidays with these tips: #holidaysafety