Power surges can damage or shorten the life of expensive electronic equipment causing it to malfunction.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) released an infographic, What are Power Surges, and two videos, What are Surge Protective Devices and Surge Protective Devices: Critical Infrastructure, to inform businesses and consumers of the importance of installing surge protective devices (SPDs) in homes, commercial buildings, or industrial and manufacturing facilities.

A power surge is a brief overvoltage spike or disturbance of a power waveform that can damage, degrade, or destroy electronic equipment. Most power surges are caused internally, such as when an air conditioner turns on in the summer. External power surges originate from electric utilities and lightning. SPDs are required in new and renovated homes according to the 2020 National Electrical Code.

“Most consumers are familiar with point-of-use SPDs, which are the power strips many computers are connected to in homes and offices. This kind of SPD only protects electronics plugged into the device,” said ESFI President Brett Brenner. “Installing whole home or whole facility SPDs will protect your entire electrical system from the costly damages power surges may cause.”

Installing SPDs will protect against the internal and external damage that can reduce the lifespan of your critical electrical equipment and expensive electronics. These devices prevent damage, downtime, and lost revenue to keep your business or home running smoothly. ESFI recommends hiring a qualified, licensed electrician before performing any electrical work to install these devices.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) sponsors National Electrical Safety Month each May to increase public awareness of the electrical hazards around us at home, work, school, and play. ESFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety. For more information and to use ESFI’s free-to-share electrical safety resources throughout your community, visit esfi.org.
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