The Electrical Safety Foundation (ESF) and the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA), formerly the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), are partnering on a campaign to promote lithium-ion battery recycling. The goal of the campaign is to educate the public on how to purchase, use, and recycle lithium-ion batteries safely.

Materials created for the campaign include:


Lithium-ion batteries power countless devices in our homes and workplaces. They can be found in cell phones, tablets, laptops, toothbrushes, electric bikes, and electric scooters, along with other regularly used devices. When purchased and used correctly, lithium-ion batteries are safe, but there is a risk of fire and injury if uncertified batteries or chargers are used.

ESF and ReMA are educating consumers about the importance of recycling lithium-ion batteries at the end of their lifecycle. There has been a 41% increase in catastrophic losses at recycling facilities. These batteries must be recycled safely, rather than placed in regular waste and recycling bins, as they will likely catch fire. Recycling helps the environment and is the safest and most efficient way to process a battery at its end of life.

“ESF is proud to partner with ReMA on this important initiative,” said ESF President Brett Brenner. “The distribution of the resources for this campaign will help to put a stop to unnecessary fires from occurring at material recovery facilities.”

Also included in the campaign materials is an infographic for transportation professionals to assist with electric vehicle battery identification and transportation after damage, as well as infographics for first responders to assist them in identifying lithium-ion battery fires and how to safely extinguish them.

“Batteries are everywhere – and so is the potential for serious fire,” said ReMA Senior Director of Safety Jerry Sjogren. “With proper labeling, consumer education and a clear and easy path to the specialized recycling facilities, lithium-ion batteries can be safely handled and recycled.”

By recycling lithium-ion batteries, the valuable materials in them will be reused and prevent avoidable fires from occurring. For ESF’s complete collection of free lithium-ion battery safety materials, visit For more information on ReMA, visit To find a lithium-ion battery recycling location nearest you, visit

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