ESFI was recently featured in an article to educate consumers about how to safely purchase and use electric blankets. Here is an excerpt from that article.

Electric blankets and fire hazards

As with any electric heating device (like a space heater or heating pad), an electric blanket can pose a fire risk. Heating pads and electric blankets are the cause of about 500 fires each year, and almost all of these fires involve electric blankets that are more than 10 years old, according to Brianne Deerwester, communications coordinator for the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Erin McDermott, senior communications manager for the National Safety Council, noted a few things to avoid when using an electric blanket:

  • Never use an electric blanket with a heating pad at the same time.
  • Do not use an electric blanket that has cracked, frayed or charred cords.
  • Avoid putting anything on top of the electric blanket when it’s in use, including other blankets or pets. These can cause the devices to overheat.
  • Never fold an electric blanket that’s in use since it can overheat and start a fire.


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