ESFI was recently featured in an article to educate consumers about the five biggest causes of residential fires and how to prevent them. Here is an excerpt from that article from Fixr.

Heating Is the Second Most Common Cause of Residential Fires

Heating a home is one of the major causes of residential fires in the U.S., accounting for 33,000 incidents in 2020. As you would assume, fires as a result of heating the home usually occur during the colder winter months and can cause significant damage to the home if certain precautions aren’t taken to reduce the risk and the spread of a fire. 

Fires of this nature usually start due to the misuse of space heaters, boilers, furnaces, and fireplaces. The common mistakes that can lead to heating fires include letting lint build up in furnace filters and forgetting to turn off heating systems when leaving the house. Knowing how to reduce the risks of heating fires will maximize safety in the home whilst maintaining a warm temperature throughout the colder months. 

Tips for Preventing Heating Fires: 

  • Keep your heating appliances in good condition and have them repaired immediately when necessary.
  • Make sure flammable items such as curtains and furniture are away from any heating sources. 
  • Keep your vents and chimneys clean and clear of debris.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the usage of your heating equipment.
  • Have any heating equipment inspected by a professional for an average of $300 up to twice a year, especially if your system is old. 
  • Educate all members of the household about how to use the heating equipment correctly.