ESFI and UL Counterfeit Charger Short

Whether you need a replacement or just want an extra phone charger, sometimes it’s tempting to purchase an off-priced option rather than the expensive charger provided by the manufacturer. However, purchasing a bargain charger could have disastrous consequences not just for your phone, but for your safety. With this short video, ESFI and UL are […]

Do Your Part – Support Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

Report IP Thefts  ​To report violations of intellectual property rights, including counterfeiting, report IP Theft and piracy to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center by clicking on the button to the right: Contribute to Anti- Counterfeiting Working together, the electrical industry has the power to STOP electrical product counterfeiting.     ESFI’s Zero Tolerance for Counterfeits […]

Zero Tolerance for Counterfeits

5 Tips to Avoid Counterfeits Anti-Counterfeiting Videos How to Avoid Counterfeit Electrical Goods  Not all Imposters are Easy to Spot 2014 Counterfeit Electrical Products Survey 2014 Counterfeit Electrical Products Infographic Counterfeits by the Numbers 10 Tips to Avoid Fakes Blueprint of a Quality Contractor Introduction Over the past decade, U.S. seizures of counterfeit products have […]