Electrical Safety Self-Assessment

How Do You Know? Electrical Safety Awareness Videos

Increasing awareness of electrical safety hazards and understanding the importance of following a comprehensive electrical safety program are the critical first steps for improving the electrical safety of your workplace. The How Do You Know? video modules demonstrate how safe electrical practices are vital to everyone in your business.

You can use these short video modules to help you communicate the importance of electrical safety to your managers and employees.


  1. How Do You Know? – Provides a brief introduction to the problem of occupational electrical injuries and fatalities and introduces the components of ESFI’s new How Do You Know? program.
  2. What Does Electrical Safety Mean to You? – Explains the roles of OSHA and NFPA 70E as they relate to electrical safety. It also introduces the Electrical Safety Self-Assessment, an online tool developed to help you evaluate your current electrical safety practices.
  3. Perspectives on Electrical Safety – These videos illustrate three different personal perspectives on the importance of electrical safety in the workplace.
    1. A Manager’s Story
    2. A Safety Supervisor’s Story
    3. An Employee’s Story
  4. This is How You Know. – Learn about ESFI’s online Electrical Safety Self-Assessment and how it can help you improve the electrical safety of your workplace.

Electrical Safety Self-Assessment

Are you confident that your company’s electrical safety program is up-to-date and comprehensive?

The Electrical Safety Self-Assessment is an electrical safety evaluation tool. You’ll be guided through a series of questions that will help you assess the effectiveness of your electrical safety program, and identify areas that may require further examination. Think of it as a checklist for your electrical safety program.

The Self-Assessment questions focus on three distinct areas: facilities, personnel, and procedures.

Under facilities, you’ll be evaluating company policies and systems for equipment maintenance, tools, repairs, testing, clearance limits, and safe working conditions.

Under personnel, the Self-Assessment will help to focus your attention on the actual work practices of your employees: proper use and care of personal protective equipment, employee training and continuing education, and qualified versus unqualified persons.

In the procedures section, you will examine procedures for performing energized work, de-energizing and re-energizing, lockout/tagout, job planning, performing arc flash hazard analysis, reporting safety concerns, and record-keeping.

Even if you have a good, solid electrical safety program in place, you will likely uncover a few areas that could use some improvement. That’s exactly what the Self-Assessment is design to help you do.

ESFI's Electrical Safety Self-Assessment

ESFI’s Electrical Safety Self-Assessment (Self-Assessment) will help you conduct a basic evaluation of the electrical safety of your workplace by prompting you to answer simple questions related to your facilities, personnel, and procedures.

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