On Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 2 PM Eastern, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and ESFI will host a free webinar, “Electric Vehicle Charging Essentials.” 

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is on the rise. What was once an out-of-reach expense for many has evolved into an essential part of family and business economic plans. Constructing capable EV charging infrastructure is front and center as a tremendous opportunity for electrical contractors and the industry.

This session provides the essential elements of electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation consistent with achieving safe, sound, and successful growth of the EV market. The various types of EVSE will be explained in detail. The webinar will also review essential requirements for contractor site assessments to ensure system capacity of electrical power sources and service equipment in addition to safe installation of EVSE branch circuits and feeders. A review of rules in the NEC that must be applied to EVSE installations will be provided, along with the responsibilities of electrical contractors and installers performing EVSE installation. Finally, challenges of meeting energy use and management mandates while increasing EV charging loads on the electrical grid will be discussed.


  • Brett Brenner, Electrical Safety Foundation International


  • Steve Griffith, National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • Mike Johnston, National Electrical Contractors Association

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