ESFI Awarded Prestigious FP&S Grant from DHS/FEMA

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Arlington, VA–The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has been awarded a prestigious Fire Prevention & Safety Grant (FP&S) from the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) for the fifth consecutive year. ESFI’s Fiscal Year 2012 award was announced by DHS/FEMA on May 3, 2013. FP&S Grants are awarded annually to support fire prevention and safety efforts, prioritizing programs aimed at high-risk populations, such as children and firefighters.

National statistics reveal that home fires, from a variety of causes, continue to result in nearly 2,600 civilian fire deaths and 13,000 injuries annually. Children, adults over the age of 65, low-income and/or rural populations, and residents of the Midwest and South all experience higher than average risks. Many home fires can be prevented by raising awareness of seasonal fire hazards among these at-risk groups, yet there is an identified shortage of proven, education-based awareness programs that address the common causes of home fires.

With that in mind, ESFI will develop and implement the comprehensive Four Seasons of Safety campaign to satisfy this critical need. This multi-faceted home fire safety awareness program will equip at-risk children, families, older adults, and their communities with knowledge to help prevent seasonal home fires throughout the year, focusing primarily on the leading causes of home fires: cooking equipment, heating equipment, and electrical distribution/lighting equipment.

“Raising awareness among our most at-risk populations is the key to preventing home fires, fire deaths, and related injuries,” said ESFI President Brett Brenner. “We aim to constantly reinvigorate the way our safety messages are addressed, and this grant will allow us to do while reaching the populations that are the most vulnerable.”  

With the funding provided by the previous year’s FP&S Grant, ESFI developed and implemented a comprehensive home fire safety awareness campaign to educate at-risk children, senior citizens, and their families nationwide about home fire hazards related to cooking, heating, and electrical equipment. As a result, ESFI directly impacted more than 3.4 million children and their families through the distribution of classroom toolkits that were direct-mailed to schools and distributed to ESFI’s nationwide network of safety advocates. Additionally, ESFI produced new resources including the Home Fire Safety Toolkit for Older Adults and accompanying public service announcements, and the expansion of ESFI’s popular Kids Corner website to include a new video and game series.

The Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S) are part of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), and are under the purview of the Grant Programs Directorate in the Federal Emergency Management Agency. For more information about the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program and the Fire Prevention & Safety Grants, visit
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The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated exclusively to promoting the importance of electrical safety. ESFI proudly sponsors National Electrical Safety Month each May, and engages in public education campaigns throughout the year to increase awareness of the steps that can be taken to prevent electrical fires, injuries, and fatalities in the home, school, and workplace.