Chapter 6

How do you know that you’re doing everything possible to protect your employees from electrical hazards? The Electrical Safety Foundation International can help you answer this important question. Watch this video to find out more about ESFI’s online Electrical Safety Self-Assessment. You can start improving the electrical safety of your workplace today! 

How Do You Know Video Series

  1. How Do You Know? – Provides a brief introduction to the problem of occupational electrical injuries and fatalities and introduces the components of ESFI’s new How Do You Know? program.
  2. What Does Electrical Safety Mean to You? – Explains the roles of OSHA and NFPA 70E as they relate to electrical safety. It also introduces the Electrical Safety Self-Assessment, an online tool developed to help you evaluate your current electrical safety practices.
  3. Perspectives on Electrical Safety – These videos illustrate three different personal perspectives on the importance of electrical safety in the workplace.
    1. A Manager’s Story
    2. A Safety Supervisor’s Story
    3. An Employee’s Story
  4. This is How You Know. – Learn about ESFI’s online Electrical Safety Self-Assessment and how it can help you improve the electrical safety of your workplace.​