National Electrical Safety Month - May 2013: Resources for the Workplace




Every year in the United States, workplace electrical incidents result in more than 300 deaths and 3,500 injuries.  While electrical hazards are not the leading cause of on-the-job injuries and fatalities, they are disproportionately fatal and costly.  For every 13 electrical injuries - a worker dies.  Most of these electrically-related fatalities and injuries could be prevented.  Awareness of workplace electrical hazards and knowledge of best practices are critical to reducing these staggering statistics.


The National Electrical Safety Month  Resources for the Workplace provide the resources necessary to encourage electrically safe practices throughout the workplace.  ESFI's Workplace Safety section contains material developed to minimize electrically-related deaths and injuries through workplace electrical safety education.


Standards and Best Practices - Provide valuable information to help employees make safe choices everyday and tips to help employers ensure a safe work environment:

Industry Codes and Standards - An overview of the various laws, regulations, and codes in place to protect anyone working with or near electricity.


ESFI's How Do You Know? Workplace Safety Awareness Program - Introduces a three step process for assessing and improving the electrical safety of your workplace today:

Office Safety Checklist - Follow these safety principles to identify and correct electrical hazards that may be present in your work environment.




Visit the Workplace Safety section of the website for more useful safety tips and resources developed specifically for workplace environments.


Be sure to read Electrical Safety Illustrated for our 2014 National Electrical Safety Month campaign materials. Additional National Electrical Safety Month resources and suggestions for facilitating a local electrical safety awareness campaign can be found in the Electrical Safety Advocate Guide.